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  1. What is FaceTime Appointment Scheduler?
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What is FaceTime Appointment Scheduler?

FaceTime is an online appointment scheduler that helps you manage your agenda, schedule face-to-face meetings and make direct connections with other attendees at events. You can request appointments, accept others requests and even message your colleagues before the event, all in one easy -to-use website.

Updating "My Profile"

How do I update "My Profile"?

Above the "event details" section on the left-hand side of your dashboard you will see the link "Edit Profile". Click this link to view and edit your profile. You can edit profile information such as name, company, address, title, company website and twitter username. You can also upload your photo and company logo in this section. Once you are done, click "save".

Remember, the starred fields in bold must be completed for your information to save.

Scheduling Appointments

How do I schedule appointments?

If you have a specific person or company you would like to schedule with:

Click the "Request an Appointment" tab located in the top middle of your screen. On the left-hand side you will see a search box. In this box you may enter a name, company or location of the buyer or supplier you would like to meet with.

To filter through the attendee list, use the "Browse By" section and select the categories that interest you. Attendees who match your filters will appear on your screen.

To see further information on a specific attendee, click on the Company Name. A pop-up of the Company’s profile will appear on your screen. To request an appointment with this attendee, click "Request New Appointment". From here you can select an appointment time and even add a personalized message. If the attendee accepts your request, the meeting will be scheduled. Any other response will be sent to you in the form of a message.

If you would like schedule an appointment based on a specific time slot:

On "My Dashboard", under "My Appointments and Activities," click "Request Appointment" beside the time slot you would like to schedule an appointment on. You will be provided with a list of attendees available for that time. Click "Request Now" to schedule an appointment with one of the attendees listed.

What should I do if someone does not have an available one-on-one appointment time slot?

Contact them directly to request and arrange a meeting outside of the set one-on-one appointment times. One easy way to do this is by sending a message through FaceTime. To do this, click the "Request an Appointment" tab. In the "Search By" section type the name of the person you’d like to meet with. When you click on their company name a screen will appear in which you have the option to "Send a Message." Click on the "Send a Message" button to compose and send your message.

Canceling Appointments

How do I cancel an appointment?

On your dashboard, under "My Appointments and Activities" look for the appointment you wish to cancel. Click "Cancel" on the right hand side of the appointment. You may include a personalized message if you’d like. Click ‘Cancel Appointment" when done. A notification will be sent to the buyer or supplier alerting them of your cancellation.

Emails, Messages & Request

Where do I find all of my messages that I have received?

Messages can be viewed by clicking the "Messages/Requests" tab. Appointment requests will show in the "Appointment Requests" section of "My Dashboard" until the request is accepted or declined, at which point, the request can be viewed in the "Messages/Requests" section.

Get Help

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions or need assistance with FaceTime, please contact us at (805) 879-4494 or FaceTime@EliteMeetings.com.

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